The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to show how to manage this website, with reference to the use of cookies and the personal data processing of those who browse it (users/guests).

This notice, in accordance with art. 13 and 122 of Italian Legislative Decree d.lgs. nr. 196/03 - the Code on the subject of the protection of personal data - and the Provision of the General Authority of 8 May 2014 with regard to cookie policy, is intended for those who connect to the website myBusiness by TIM S.p.a.

This notice is provided exclusively for the afore-mentioned website (hereinafter referred to as 'Site' or 'this Site') and its related potential subdomains, and not for other websites that may be visited by the user through specific links.

The above site is owned and managed by TIM S.p.A.

Telecom Italia guarantees compliance with personal data protection laws, in accordance with the Ethic Code of Telecom Italia Group.

Users/visitors are required to carefully read this Privacy Policy before submitting any personal data and/or filling in any electronic forms found on the site itself.

Types of data processed and purposes of data processing

  1. Navigation data

    The computer systems and procedures provided for the function of website collect certain personal information during normal operation, the transmission of which is subject to the use of data exchange protocols on the Internet.

    Such information is not collected with the purpose of identifying interested parties, but due to its very nature, the information could lead to users/visitors identification through processings with data held by third parties (for example, IP address, domain names of computers used by users/visitors connecting to the site, code indicating the data response from the server, browser type, etc.).

    These data are going to be used for statistical purposes only (and are therefore anonymous) and/or to check that the site is properly functioning. The web contact data is not, in any case, retained for more than 6 months, except when required to ascertain responsibility in the case of any electronic crimes which damage the site.

    No data deriving from the web service will be communicated or diffused.

  2. Cookies

    1. General information on Cookies

      Cookies are small text files that are sent by the sites visited by users to their terminal equipment (typically to users browser), where they are stored and then re-transmitted to the same sites every time these are visited via the same terminal equipment. In addition, each site may allow the transmission of the so-called third parties cookie, namely those set by websites other than the one the user is visiting (through present elements such as banners, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains).

      Depending on the lifespan, cookies can be categorised as session cookies (namely those which are temporary and automatically deleted from the terminal at the end of the session, by closing the browser) or permanent cookies (namely those which remain stored on the terminal until their expiry date or when manually deleted by the user).

      Cookies has several purposes. First of all they are used to carry out the transmission of a communication or to provide the service requested by the user; more precisely they allow to enable and optimize the website operation, perform authentication tasks, monitor sessions, improve the browsing experience of the user, for example by maintaining the connection to reserved areas while browsing the site pages without the need of re-entering User-Id and password, and by saving specific information regarding users theirselves (such as preferences, type of browser and computer used).

      The above-mentioned cookies are referred to as "technicals" (it is not necessary to obtain consent by the user for their use), because without them some operations could not be carried out or would be more comples and/or less safe.

      Differently, if cookies are used for further purposes, typically for behaviour analysis and personalized adverts (the so-called "profiling" cookies) or even only in order to collect, through third parties services, information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site (the so-called "analytics cookies"), user consent is mandatory. Before sending these cookies on the terminal, in accordance with current legislation (the Code on the subject of the protection of personal data and the Provision of the General Authority of 8 May 2014), when the user accesses the homepage or other site pages, it is immediately shown a banner providing information about the use of cookies and the collection consent, whose acceptation may be given by the user by continuing with the navigation through the selection of an element below the banner or by closing the banner.

      In any case, cookies can only be read or modified by the website that created them; they cannot be used to collect any data from the user terminal nor transfer viruses. Some of the cookies operations can also be carried out by different technologies; therefore, in the context of the present web privacy policy, cookies and any other similar technologies will be referred to simply as "cookies".

    2. Use of cookies on this website

      This Site uses session and persistent cookies. The types of cookies directly created by this Site are:

      "technicals" cookies, used for: a) lpurchasing of online services/products (handling of the "shopping trolley" by saving the selected products) and the relative payments; b) authentication and management of a navigation session (for example, in order to identify and allow the user to access the Reserved Area); c) security purposes (for example, to count the number of failed logins to identify potential abuses in authentication process and to prevent fraud); d) user interface personalization (for example, to save the user preferences suchs as language, currency, page display format, connection area); d) to improve usability of the Site and its audio-visual contents (for example, by running applications like flash player); e) the correct connection working (for example, by properly addressing the user requests between several servers)

    3. Third-party cookies

      This Site allows for the transmission to the user's terminal of Cookies of third parties, with which Telecom Italia collaborates. As a technical intermediary, Telecom Italia only transmits these cookies, but does not manages their operations (therefore does not have control nor access to the provided or collected information) because their functioning is under the responsibility of third parties. For these cookies, it can have access to the information and the forms of acquisition of the consent of third parties, by clicking on the links below. Third parties are:

      subjects whose services are used by Telecom Italia to gather aggregate/statistical information on users visiting this Site. It is used the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. (http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/); Adobe Omniture Sitecatalyst (http://www.adobe.com/privacy/analytics.html) and Adform (http://site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en/) services.

    4. Handling of cookies preferences

      Cookies can be handled by user through browser.

      1. Browser settings

        The user can manage the preferences related to cookies through common features provided in the browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Crome, Apple Safari), which allow to delete/remove cookies (all or some) or change browser setting either to block the cookies sending or to limit it to specific websites (rather than others). You can learn how to configure the settings of the browser (normally accessible from the toolbar "Tools") going on the web pages of "support" of suppliers of these browsers (also identified by a common search engine).

        Disabling third-party cookies does not prejudice the Site services usability; however in case all cookies get deleted/blocked, including the technicals, some operations may not be carried out or would be more complex and/or less safe, as for instance to carry out operations in the Site Reserved Areas (as a matter of fact cookies allow to carry out and to preserve the user identification in the within of the session).

  3. Data voluntarily provided by users/visitors

    In case users/visitors entering this Site send their own personal data to access specific services, or rather send request via email, the sender address and/or other potential personal data exclusively processed for the request response, or rather for the service supply, will be acquired by Telecom Italia.
    The personal data provided by users/visitors will be communicated to third parties only if the communication is necessary to satisfy the requests of the users/visitors themselves.

Mode of treatment

The treatment is done by means of computer and telematic tools and/or manually (for example paper based) for the period of time that is strictly necessary to carry out the purpose for which they were collected and, in any case, in accordance with current regulations.

Optional provision of data

Apart from the navigation data, as specified previously, users/visitors are free to provide the personal details. The lack of provision can only result in the impossibility to obtain what required.

Owners, Administrators and categories of Persons Responsible for the data

The owner of the treatment is Telecom Italia S.p.A. - registered office in Via Gaetano Negri, 1 - 20123 Milano. The updated list of Administrators can be found on the website www.telecomitalia.com, https://www.telecomitalia.com/tit/en/footer/Privacy.html.

Inside the Company users/visitors data will be processed by employees appointed for corporate functions described in the above list. These employees act as Representatives under the direct authority of those responsible for the data processing.

Rights of subjects

Users/visitors have the right to access at any time their personal information and exercise any of their rights (demand for data source, correction, update or integration of wrong or incomplete data, or to delete or block the data if processed in violation of the law, oppose their processing for legitimate reasons) established by Article 7 of the Privacy Code, by contacting for free the telephone number 800.191.101.

Telecom Italia

For further information about privacy (the information about personal data processing, where in addition are included useful contacts to get in touch with Telecom Italia, the list of emplyees responsible of the treatment, the information and the questionnaire about the new phone books, etc.) click here